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Billionaire Barbara Hutton: her legendary marriages and jeweled life

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        With the continuous improvement of people's material living standards, people are facing a variety of pressures are also growing rapidly. Getting up early and greedy every day is to have enough money for life. Compared with the living conditions of ordinary people, some people are born with a golden spoon in their mouth. Just like the daughter of heaven, they don't have to worry about the source of income at all and spend 2billion family assets in their whole lives. 

        It vividly shows what a legendary life is when people just spend all their money when they die. The baby girl born with a golden spoon is Barbara Hutton, who is called a billionaire baby. Although she was born with a golden spoon, she has never been short of money. Without any formal education, she is best at spending money. When you travel, you are covered with international brands, and your car is also a valuable luxury car from all over the world. If you travel far away, you must charter a plane. Why didn't a girl from a rich family receive formal education when she was young? Barbara, who was born in 1912, actually lacked parental care since childhood. At the age of 5, her mother chose to go to a dead end because she couldn't stand her father's infidelity, leaving her young.